Izzy: Project Surge

19 / F – college student – all His

Glorifying the Lord through my life, work, and experiences!

About Blog: Project Surge

To simply put things, Project Surge is an outlet through which the writer aims to express her feelings, share experiences that she thinks will help others who are also struggling, as well as share her creative works (since she is also an artist).

In the blog you will find categories:
Life – posts about life in general
Love – posts about love (ha-ha)
Spiritual Journey – experiences with the Lord
Creative Outlet / Artworks – art / creative dump!

Short Blog Background 
This blog was put up because the writer was inspired by her friend, Little Inglenook, who also writes about her life and experiences. Just like Little Inglenook, she writes to make her Lord Jesus shine in all the experiences she will be sharing!

About Writer: Izzy

Izzy is my pen name.
I am an art student in university who is
interested in: travel, culture, music, art, and East Asian languages!
I also love taking pictures and jotting down how I feel because this helps me
unwind from the hustle and bustle of life!

I am also a devout Christian!
I believe in the Lord and in Jesus,
and everything I am is because of Him 🙂
My aim is to radiate His light , be Christ-like,
and show His love and goodness!

I am also a budding all-around artist who also takes interest in
singing and audio mixing.

For my professional work services and portfolio, please contact me
through my email – izzymixs@gmail.com