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[Blog] BTS Epilogue in Manila 2016

This was my first.

It was my first time to attend a concert ever  in my life, and I am beyond blessed and thankful to have BTS be my first concert and K-Pop love. I guess I can really say that I “stan” the right group. They never failed to disappoint me, and their sincerity, music, and concerts showed me that.

So, how was my first concert experience?
It was a dream,
a dream come true.

“So this is how it felt like”, I thought. This is how it felt to crowd around an area with people who share the same feelings as me. stanning the same group as me.

As soon as we were dropped off, we immediately heard screaming in a barricaded area. At first the screams were not processing to me since I was scanning the area (it was my first time, after all), but after a few minutes I realized,


I dragged my friends with me to the area, where other fans like me were screaming and crowding to their hearts content. I was searching for a free area where I could see them, and thankfully I found one. We stayed there for almost an hour waiting for either of the seven members to come out!

Luckily (thank You, Lord!!) I got to see Jeon Jungkook more than two times!! I never expected him to be so tall, so big-built and just suuuper attractive in reality! He kept going in and going out, and it was actually so fun because I got to see him so well! He was wearing a white button-up shirt, jeans, and his infamous Timberland shoes (YES, confirmation it was him!)! I could not believe that that boy is just the same age as me. How even.

So, I thought that was all I was going to see.. but the Lord did not stop at that!! He allowed me to see Min Yoongi! My favorite rapper among the three in Bangtan. I seriously could not contain myself, I kept screaming “Oppa!!” at the top of my lungs. Those were probably the best 10 seconds of my life (man, he walks fast)!  We were 100% sure it was him because he had noticeable blonde hair under the cap he was wearing! Compared to Jungkook, he was pretty short and not as big-built – he was thin(not too thin, but just as thin as seen in photos/videos).

(posting the video of Yoongi walking soon because yes! I did have footage ;] )

I was so happy that morning. To think that as soon as I got there, I got to see two of my boys that easily! How blessed I am, I thought.

As the gate opening neared, we went to line up and thankfully we weren’t too far behind the start of the line (wow!! another blessing!!). When they finally opened the gates, we all chanted “Bangtan!” and that experience was gold to me. ARMYs chanting altogether felt like a family, and I was so eternally grateful to feel that.

After getting past the gates, we finally got on the escalators going up to our seats. As soon as we got off, our hands got stamped and we freely ran down the hallway to find the door where our seat numbers were. When we found it, I slowed down.
“This is my first time in this arena,
first time seeing a stage,
first time seeing lights,
first time staying in the same place as them.”

I thought these, and I took a deep breath. I slowly walked in the arena and I felt it. I felt the Lord. I felt blessed, I was in awe. I could have been a part of the percentage who could not get a ticket because it was sold out in an instant, I could have been part of those who were buying online but was not able to because the site crashed or simply because the slots were taken in a flash. I could have been them, but the Lord knows our hearts, He knows what we like. The Lord showed me that He really is my Father. He did not withhold this experience from me because

1. It would make me happy, but most importantly
2. It would not cloud my thoughts, instead it radiated His goodness and His powerful love for me.

I learned that day that the Lord knows our hearts, He knows our desires, but that He will also grant your request if it will only help you grow in Him; and true enough, it did 🙂 The Lord saw that I was ready for my first concert, and He made it happen.

Praise the Lord Almighty for He loves me!! ♥

Before the concert started, they were playing their music videos and it was so amazing because all of us ARMYs were singing along to the songs, word per word, and we sang it in unison and I got goosebumps hearing that.

Not too long after, the lights dimmed.. (oh may gash!!!) and when it did, I heard the love of my life!! (nuksss)  Jimin was the first to speak behind the curtains, “Are you ready, Manila?!?!”


The moment I heard the intro of “Fire”, my heart was pounding furiously. I was not ready to see the start because I knew there would be an end, but still, I found myself in prayer during the intro (wow intense!) because I wanted the Lord to take over the show and give me the happiness He wanted me to feel!

So, as soon as the curtain opened and they came out dancing..
I cried.
I was holding my camera to capture their appearance, but as soon as they came out I was bawling and my hands were shaking so disgustingly!!
(I didn’t get the footage well obviously, but better than none right? haha anway…. :P)

“They are real..”, “They’re so real..” are the words I kept telling my friends.

Finally, the guys I’ve always seen in screen are finally live before my eyes, bringing music, live singing, to my ears. It was ahh-mazing, indeed.. so this is how a concert feels like.

So from the beginning onward, I put my attention on them and I let them rock my night. It was the best first concert ever, and I never felt so grateful and loved..

Thank You, Lord for being my loving Father who did not withhold from me what would make me happy and at the same time grow in You.

They may be coming back again this year for two days, and it is so tempting to come back because they’re just so good.. but maybe not this year 🙂

I’ve had my first concert, so for the next ones to come please be the one to choose which will make me grow more in You ♥

So to you, reader, if you have not had your first concert yet.. don’t lose hope! The Lord knows your desires, and He will give them to you but it will be in the right time and for the right reason. It may not be now, but know that every “not today” (hehe) He gives you only means that He has something better in store for you! Who knows, He might even give you that VIP ticket! 😉

Trust in His timing, and you will feel the joy and warmth I felt.


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